About WSS

WSS, high tech in the green heart of The Netherlands

unnamed (1)Since 1992 WSS has been developing, producing and supplying high-quality registration devices to stimulate waste separation at the front door. Primarily, we focus on three areas:

  • – Chipping waste containers. We provide remote recognition, tracking and registration of 2-wheel and 4-wheel bins during truck collection.
  • – Selective access. We fit waste containers with a lock and reader. Users get access with a card.
  • – Waste depot. We facilitate the registration of visitors. We place a selective access system, users get an access card.


image003Our mission is clear. We want to contribute to a greener and cleaner world.
We’re developing our high tech products in the forests of Soesterberg, the Netherlands; our rural location helps us keep our inspiration alive.

We are an innovator in waste separation in the Netherlands. In waste separation the Netherlands has a leading position in the world, therefore the Dutch market is an important sales area for us.
More than a hundred companies and municipalities recognize our pioneering role and benefit from our solutions.

We have far reaching ambitions. Beyond the borders of the Netherlands we are active in several European countries. And beyond Europe we’re active in China as well.

We believe in the global development of the Smart City. The idea of the Internet of things serves as a foundation for the development of our products. Together with our clients and partners we make our vision for the future into reality.

Creating tomorrow's waste technology

The WSS Research & Development department puts considerable effort in finding solutions to problems that we spot in our field, or problems indicated to us by our customers. We keep in touch with all interested parties and will, through thorough analysis of customer requests and problem definitions, come up with the best answers.

In the capacity of electronics manufacturer our aim is to produce a high quality product. Our fully automated SMT line positions up to 70.000 components per hour including automated optical inspection. The equipment is operated by highly qualified personnel with years of experience in assembling PCB’s.

We’ve got green genes

In the view of WSS it’s extremely important to provide products and services, in an economically sound manner, that completely meets the expectations of our customers. The objective of WSS is to constantly improve the organization and the quality of products, services and working conditions. In addition to this we have the philosophy that this should be coupled to a maximal effort reducing the environmental impact wherever possible.

The WSS principles are:

  • – Safety, quality, improvement of working conditions and care for the environment.
  • – Within our organization the care for safety, quality, working conditions and environment is in the hands of experts. Everyone in the organization has the required knowledge and means at his or her disposal to take full responsibility in these matters.
  • – To strengthen our competitiveness, we constantly take customer requirements into account. We respond to this in a proactive way.
  • – Regulations and requirements are the minimal directives we use in carrying out our activities.

Furthermore, with a view on conservation policy, WSS has to the following principles:

  • – The products we produce give customers the opportunity to minimize the impact on the environment and to reduce the production of (residual) waste.
  • – Economical use and reuse of materials is part of our corporate culture. With the development of automation systems, we can stimulate various savings for our customers, such as saving on power use and stimulation of solar use.
  • – Separation of waste with the Cradle to Cradle principle, allowing materials to be reused.
  • – WSS will actively strive to keep within the boundaries of environmental legislation. We promote this within our internal organization as well as to our clients.
  • – WSS has acquired  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (environmental) certifications.

    iso-9001   iso14001

Our partners


SGS Sanitec in Melsele is a partner for the E-trap system. This product is manufactured by WSS and marketed by SGS. E-trap is a sensor system which detects small rodents like mice and rats caught in a trap. The sensor transmits the catch through internet to a trap management system. One can follow catches at different locations. In large facilities it saves a lot of time due to checking the traps every 2 to 3 days. For facilities which have to prove that they are rodent free, the system provides no-catch information.



T-Mobile is an M2M partner of WSS. Together with T-Mobile WSS is involved in the “smart city” concept based on the IOT (internet of things).

NMPO Jewel, Route planning
NMPO is our link to professional route-planning.
In the improvement of business processes it comes to optimal deployment of vehicles and staff, plotting efficient routes. By implementing projects with our own Jewel Software we get good feedback for further development and optimization of the software.