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Since the industrial revolution CO2 emissions have been rapidly increasing. Now we have to deal with the resulting consequences like rising sea levels, natural disasters and extreme weather. During the Paris convention, all parties agreed to participate in CO2 footprint reduction. Even China is now part of the agreement.

Within your company you’re already stimulating waste separation. You’re recycling paper, leftovers from the canteen, plastics, solid waste and more… So, you are already contributing to a lower CO2 footprint. With the use of our tool you can quantify the CO2 footprint gain and communicate the results to your employees to stimulate them to lower your footprint even further.

Food leftovers from your canteen can be distributed to the underprivileged. Besides doing charity it gives a boost to your CO2 footprint reduction. Improve to make your organization greener.  With our tool you can specify the different types of waste separated within your organization. Next, a calculation is made to determine how much CO2 you would have created and the amount of CO2 reduction as a result of waste separation. Be amazed with the results.

WSS is the initiator of this tool, in cooperation with TNO (Dutch technology research center). Our indicator is based on EU standards of CO2 calculation.

For the Hong Kong area, we participate with the Green Council (NGO). Green council provides us with the Asian coefficients and provides training and monitoring.

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Take a look at the climate tracker to see how your country tackles the CO2 footprint issue: