RSOffice, your integral control center


Our RSOffice cloud software is the connecting link between container, collection vehicle, recycling center (green station) and in-house software for administrative processing and invoicing.

The starting point is an operational package which requires minimal effort from your ICT department; be up and running within minutes.

No installation required. All you need is a web browser

Software as a Service in the Cloud

RSOffice is Software as a Service (SaaS). This is software offered as an online service. There is no need to purchase the software, instead the software is licensed for a fixed monthly fee per truck. WSS provides online support, maintenance and management.

All customers benefit from the improvements made to the software. Simply open your internet browser, log into our software, and start working. PC, Apple, Linux and Android are all supported.

Operational management

Here are a few examples of operational management:

  • – Lock containers on New Year’s Eve.
  • – Give the battery status of a container.
  • – Give the filling level of a container.
  • – Follow the collection truck while it’s collecting in a specific area.
  • – Create a blacklist with specific users.
  • – The blacklist and whitelist are dynamic; they can be synchronized with the truck every few minutes.


This can all be done remotely using RSOffice.

Importing  or exporting data

The collected data can be used for information management. The information can be exported to different formats, like CSV and XML.
Our philosophy is that the customer is free to export all data from RSOffice into his own software, e.g. MS Excel. Special reports can be made on request.

Example: Reports Generator RSOffice Truck

  • – Blacklist truck
 Shows all chips that are on the blacklist for a specific selection.
  • – Registration deviations – collection trucks
 Shows the minimum and maximum number of users within a specified time-period.
  • – Show an overview of all addresses per city
 List of all known addresses per city.
  • – Collection – All data Shows an overview of all the data from a specified time-period.
  • – Overview valid registrations
 Shows an overview of all valid registrations in the specified month.
  • – Show all waste bins which are not in use Lists all waste bins which are not in use or that haven’t been previously issued on an address.

Black list and white list

The concept of a blacklist or whitelist is selective or limited access to a container. A blacklist consists of users who shouldn’t have access. If only a select group of users should have access, these can be placed on a whitelist.


RSoffice is based on best practices and is under active development; we keep adding and improving functionality. WSS is committed to apply the requests from our customer. All new features are automatically added to our package, without any extra costs. Also, next to RSoffice there is Waste counter, which provides information to the users (citizens, shops, etc.).