registration containers

RSVehicle, registration of waste containers at the truck

truck1 (1)Using the newest available technologies, WSS has developed a system for the registration of (mini-) containers during collection.
RSvehicle is software for the truck board computer that is applicable to all binlifting systems. The user interface provides the driver with screen based information and alerts.
The board computer has a large 7 inch color touchscreen that makes it easy to follow the container registration process.
After storing the registration data, the data is wirelessly send from the board computer to the RSOffice integral control center.
The board computer on the truck is based on the Windows 7 operating system and has plenty of serial ports. The system can identify bins with either Barcode or RFID identification.
Different RFID tags are accepted like LF or UHF (ISO 18000). Additionally it’s possible to connect a weighing system or other sensor to the board computer.

The RSVehicle software has a clear user interface with a large color screen. The system is fully automated and does not need to be operated manually. When an action from  the driver is required he can simply press a pictogram on the touchscreen, but typically there is no action required at all. RSvehicle is designed not to be a distraction whilst driving through traffic. If a blacklisted container is loaded, the board computer gives an alert and shows on which loading side the event occurred. With this specific information, the driver can act fast and efficient.
Optionally, it’s possible to mount lightboxes on the rear side of the truck so the collectors can view and overrule the information whilst loading.

Registration data
The registration data can be wirelessly  transmitted from the board computer to the RSOffice integral control center. This transmission uses a secure protocol to fully protect the data. The data is accessible via the RSOffice internet web application.
All data can be exported to your container management package. It is important to know that the RSVehicle software on the truck is a registration system, comparable to a person walking behind the truck noting all the events and timestamps.

Barcode ident
Board Computer
The color display has a 7 inch screen with QVGA resolution and is easy to read, even in daylight. The board computer used by RSvehicle runs on the Windows 7 operating system.
This guaranties a solid base for the future. Windows 7 is a practical development platform. The software can easily be upgraded when new board computers are introduced that are based on Windows 10. The software is developed on computers running the same operating system as the one that is used by the board computer.

Either an existing weighing scale or a newly installed weighing scale can be connected to our truck based board computer.
Our weighing scale supplying partner is VPG in the UK. They can supply chassis weighing or lifter weighing fitted with their binweigh precision system.