Recycling 1000 kg waste is easier than you might think

WSS produces technological systems so that you, as a company or policymaker, obtain an overview of waste & recycling. Not by making you work harder, but work more economical. This way waste management almost gets fun.

Who we are? That's not important.

Read more about why we should have started recyling yesterday.

Take back the control over waste

We have lost control over waste, everywhere in the world. Since 1992 we help companies and policymakers with our technological systems, to take back control. By combining IOT, RFID, hardware and software we have developed systems that are able to measure precisely, register, identify and subsequently give you a clear overview of all this data.

To measure is to manage

work efficientlty

save in costs

Our systems

With our RSOffice software, you can find all data of the waste process in one place

Get clarity about your wasteprocesses every moment of the day in RSOffice.

Save in logistic costs with our filling level sensor

Our Smart Waste fillinglevel sensor is able to calculate when a wastecontainer will be full. This way you'll know exactly when it needs to be empied and no gas will be spilled.

Measure participation, by using our RFID based technologies

With RFID data can be transferred from point A to point B. This technology enables you to find out who used your container, and when, for instance.

Lower your CO2 footprint with IOT

IOT (the Internet of Things) connects all systems and hardware, so that data can be combined. This way you can find out exactly what your CO2 emission is, and what aspect in the process causes it.

Identify containers & containerusers with our Accello smart lock

Our systems are all about measuring, identifying, and registration. The Accello, our smart lock, can lend selective access to the wastecontainer for users with a card.

Make adjustments straight away, from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to IOT you can easily access all data in the cloud, by using your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Our certificates

Handling data is a sensitive matter. We are certified.
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