We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.
Get ready for a cleaner future.
WSS Infocard Systems

Do you remember your first cellphone and cable internet?

So do we.

It's 1992. The national and international focus is on all this great technological revolution. However here in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, the focus is on something else. Here we are thinking about waste separation, or more specifically: the fact that we don't separate waste. If we want to keep living a comfortable live that is necessary. It's about time for waste management.

We can help you with waste seperation and waste management. Why and how? Read more about WSS!

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About us
Need help with wasteseparation and -registration?

WSS is an ICT firm working in the Circular Economy/Waste Management business. WSS creates solutions for wasteseparation and -registration. We provide hardware, software and datamanagement tools which can be used to measure and thereby manage wastestreams. Want to get to know our solutions for wastemanagement? Click the button to see our products.

Or with problem analyzation?

To come up with a solution, we have to know the dynamics of the problem. WSS also helps analyzing problems organizations face (both private and government). We use state of the art technology to analyze the problem and find out how to offer the best solution. With our experience, knowledge, technical skills as well as the ability to think with the client we create fool-proof solutions. Our working methods always are sustainable, scalable and cost efficient. Facing a problem? Please reach out to us.