About Us

Do you remember your first cell phone? Or cable internet?

Do you remember where you threw it out? Me neither. It's about time to start remembering not only where we leave our trash, but to recycle. Big task? A little. Difficult task? Not really. Let's take our control back over the environment. We'll tell you how.
Who are we

It doesn’t really matter who we are. What matters is what we want. We want to use the technological revolution in our benefit. We use technology, to reuse materials. Today is the day to take control. We can help you take back your control today.

What do we do
We’ll be honest, this story isn’t sexy: WSS develops technological products that measure participation in waste separation. Fell asleep? Me too. Now slowly: we develop technology that can measure how much or frequent people participate in recycling waste. Why? So you know what’s going on with your waste. We strive for 100% recycling./agni_service]

How do we do that

If you have tons of waste that needs to be separated, but you don’t know where it’s coming from, what do you need to do? You count and measure! How many people litter? How much of their litter is, for instance, carton? How much glass do they throw away? The answers to these questions are useful for managing waste and recyling. Our software and technological systems give you clarity about your waste.

Why we do what we do: the longer story

It’s 1992, Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Separation of waste is just starting in the Netherlands. People are focusing on the turbulent economy and the technological revolution. That technological revolution proved to be a great development. However it also appeared to bring changes in terms of waste, environment and sustainability. It became clear that if we wanted to keep our environment clean and liveable for the future, this was the moment to take control (before it would be out of control). It was at this very moment that WSS was founded.

Driven by the motivation to sustain our planet, WSS develops technological products that measures citizen participation in separation of waste. This makes the process of national waste and reuse of materials easier to oversee and control. That’s what WSS is still doing today, based in the rural and green environment of the Netherlands.

The mission of WSS is simple: to contribute to a cleaner but also sustainable world for our children. By not wasting waste, materials can be re-used. Consequently virgin materials will not get burned. Re-using materials will also reduce the CO2 footprint.

How can we make the world more sustainable?

There’s a big pie in front of you on the table. It’s your cheat day and you’d love to eat the whole thing. How do you do that? You won’t try to eat the whole thing ate once. You take one bite at the time. That’s how approach sustainability. WSS mission is to contribute to a sustainable world by taking achievable and measurable steps. What is that first achievable step? The first step is to start counting and measuring. Counting? Yes, counting. 

We count and measure many things. One of the many things we count are people, bins, vehicles. We measure wastevolume.  We count and measure anything necessary to give you an overview of waste separation and waste flow. Our technological products make it really easy to count and make all this data insightful for your waste management.

As WSS grew, we started operating beyond the borders of the Netherlands. We discovered the differences in countries concerning waste management. That means, the products we develop to count and measure in China can’t be the same as in Europe. Place isn’t the only thing that’s important for us when developing products. Time is also a huge factor. The world keeps developing and changing, as is the waste that’s produced. It’s important for WSS to keep an eye on all these changes and culture differences. This way we can come up with suitable solutions in the field and integrate the latest developments in our innovative products. We always keep in touch with all interested parties and will, through thorough analysis of customer requests and problem definitions, come up with innovative proposals based on more than 25 years of experience.