Misconceptions about your transportcontainers are history with the Antenna System

The antenna traces where your container is picked up or dropped off

The Antenna is a low cost detection system, that tracks and registers the location of your transport container. The antenna and a small unit are placed inside the container. With GPRS the antenna tracks the location of your container at all times.

The Antenna system registers all data

Better yet, the system makes sure all important data is registered and saved. Besides the location, the system also registers: date and time, truck and containernumber and whether the container is picked up or dropped off.

you can Find a clear overview of the data in the software

All data is send wirelessly to the corresponding software. In the software you'll find a clear overview of the registered information. You can use the software on smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Work smarter

The antenna exists off inovative technologies, such as GPRS and CMS software. With these technologies you can gain better results with less effort.

Never lose profit on untraceable containers

Materials are expensive, and it's a waste if they get lost. With the Antenna non of your containers will ever be wasted again.

Get one step closer to a lower CO2 footprint

With the Antenna you can get specific details about your container and routes. With the accurate information you'll be to execute accurate management.

Other interesting specifications of the Antenna...

The system is low in cost

Most trackers will cost a lot of money on the long run, because of their bad quality and batterylife. We don't want materials, money and time to be wasted. That's why the Antenna is made from sustainable materials.

batteries with large lifespan

Trackers can be quite useful.... except when the battery runs out and you lose connection. The Antenna contains a battery with long lifespan

A fully automated system

Your drivers wont have to worry about operating difficult systems. The Antenna works completely wireless and syncs automatically.

a tiny and sustainable system

The Antenna is a battery powerhouse, but still we managed to keep it small and made from quality materials. Also, the batteries are rechargeable.

Also, there's handy add-ons for you to choose

a little display on the unit

We wanted to keep our system basic as possible, but a display could come in handy. Therefore you can choose this as an add-on. On the display you'll find i.e. the label numbers, and check whether the system is connected.

optional driver identification

The Antenna system registers important data such as location, date and time, container and truck number and whether the container has been dropped off or picked up. Optionally, we can add driver identification to this line-up, so you can track who drove a certain truck.

Customers reviews

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