E-trap: the digital mouse trap

The E-Trap – Digital mousetrap makes catching mice so much easier. By logging into the internet cloud a customer can immediately see the traps containing rats or mice and clean the traps avoiding contamination. WSS works with a large service organization capable of leasing the traps, proving cloud service, knowhow, service on site and certification.

The Smart Waste container fill level measuring system is (besides a good tonguetwister) a technological product capable of, combined with software, measuring the filling level of waste containers. It also predicts how long it takes before the maximum filling level will be reached.  You’ll know  how many trucks size you  need to pick up the full containers.

RSvehicle is software for the truck board computer that registers (mini-)containers during collection. The user interface provides the truckdriver with screen based information and alerts. That means: if a mini container is too heavy, the driver will be alerted on the screen.

RSOffice is the software that connects all the dots and your integral control center. First, this software converts all of this data in to workable documents. This way you’ll see in a blink of an eye what you need to focus on. Second, this program helps you manage. For example, you can make black lists for certain users, follow your garbage trucks, check battery statuses, lock or open containers on festivities , check filling levels of containers.

The Barrow is a selective access system for underground, semi-underground and above ground containers. Users get access using a card . Without the card the container stays locked and the  surrounding environment stays neat.