The smarte waste platform: container filling level measuring system


The Smart Waste container fill level measuring system is (besides a good tonguetwister) a technological product capable of, combined with software, measuring the filling level of waste containers. It also predicts how long it takes before the maximum filling level will be reached.  You’ll know  how many trucks size you  need to pick up the full containers.

In addition the unit has a ident number and a temperature sensor.


The container filling level measuring system works through a sensor that wirelessly sends data to a server. Our software application analyzes the data and converts it . The system  connects the data to thetype of container, size, waste type and location. The software can calculate your route depending on the fillinglevel of the containers and your requirements. That’s how you’ll know how many and what kind of vehicle’s you’ll need for a certain collection route.


The measuring system can be used on all type of waste containers, regardless of their capacity or waste type.  The data is available for analysis since it’s submitted to the server wirelessly using GPRS, G4 or NB-IOT). That means you can check the results in the software straight away.

But  the best part is:  you can save up to 40% of costs in waste logistics. Thanks to The Smart Waste Platform you’ll know exactly how many vehicles you’ll need. Also the smart system automatically generates the best collection routes, based on the collected data. This way you can optimize material and petrol usage and save CO2. You can start on a small scale starting with the remote containers.


  • The measuring system can operate in all weather conditions
  • Fleetoptimatisation and CO2 reduction
  • Automatic collection and route  planning
  • Temperature measurement
  • Automatic alert fill level by sms or email
  • Different types of data transmission like G2,G4, NB-IOT, Cat M