RSoffice CMS


The main goal of WSS is to contribute  in making the world sustainable. Unfortunately no one can do this on their own. We understand that together we have to make an effort to lower the CO2 footprint and move towards a circular economy. Some companies don’t know how to make a step towards sustainability. It seems ‘big’ and unmanageable. That’s where WSS steps in.


We know that waste is manageable. We can help you make waste manageable by doing to 2 things:
– We offer innovative technological products that help you collect data. This data for instance concerns the following: how much waste and what typeof waste people dispose, how many people dispose waste and what neighborhood they come from, where do they dispose waste, where are your garbage trucks, what routes are they driving and much more.
– We offer RSOffice. RSOffice is your integral control center. First, this software converts all of this data in to workable documents. This way you’ll see in a blink of an eye what you need to focus on. Second, this program helps you manage. For example, you can make black lists for certain users, follow your garbage trucks, check battery statuses, lock or open containers on festivities , check filling levels of containers.


RSOffice is incredibly easy to work with. Get your data using a few “clicks”. Our aim was to develop software that’d require minimal effort from your ICT department. That’s why RSOffice doesn’t need installation. It runs from your web browser. The software is pretty straightforward in its use. As mentioned, RSOffice can be used for either information management and/or operational management.

The collected data can be converted into files of preference, reports (i.e. EXCEL). This helps you for instance, to know whether you need more or less waste containers (and what kind) and garbage trucks, if garbage trucks are driving the most efficient route.

Also, containers and trucks can be easily operated from your computer or your smartphone.
RSOffice supports PC, Apple, Linux and Android.

WSS provides online support, maintenance and management.


RSOffice makes the process of waste collection, waste separation and waste distribution insightful and manageable. This way you can make a big step towards sustainability with little effort  Another advantage: it also helps you managing waste more efficiently and so even save you costs in the long