The Green Station Access

Burning and dumping plastic costs twice as much than recycling

As opposed to what a lot of people think, it’s not only good for the environment to recycle, it is also good for the wallet. If every country in Europe would have a circular economy, we would save 3% of raw materials and commodities. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but with saving 3%, we save 600 billion euro’s. Could you imagine…

Going circular sounds like a great plan, but the real question is, how do we do that?

Get neat

Know exactly what's going on in your recycling station

The Green Station System gives or prohibits access to users and also collects data that can help you with your wastemanagement

Get organized

Strategize with up-to-date data

Also, combined with RsOffice, all the data's displayed in an orderly manner. No endless searching, but clarity in the blink of an eye.

Lower footprint

Reduce unnecessary use of the station

To measure, is to manage. And to manage is to know what you do and don't need. The Green Station helps you find out what you don't need.

Say hello to a clean recycling station...

And goodbye to unwanted visitors

Recycling stations are only efficient when kept neat. Just like the Barrrow Access System, The Green Station Selective Access give selective access to users by using a card. No card, is no access.

Know the currents

The card registers data of users, for example: whether they're industrial or civil users, how many times a year they make use. This data can help you manage your recycling station.

The system that does your management for you

Know how frequent the station is used

Know how many cars enter and leave

Reduce use of station

Create a safer station for users and workers

Systems that don't extend your TO DO-list

Whether your a policy-maker or a business owner, with big business, comes big work. It’s understandable that making a step towards a sustainable policy feels like a lot of extra work to take on. This is something we at WSS like to take in account when designing our systems. 

Our systems have to make management easier, insightful, and a little more fun too. No one wants complicated interfaces, long installations or difficult technology. That’s why we like to develop easy-to-use systems for anyone.

Manage from your phone

... or tablet of pc

The Green Station Access System can be sinked with RsOffice, our software that saves and organizes data and makes it manageable right away. Using the software you can make adjustments right away.

No installation required

We wanted to design software that would actually make work easier. Therefore RsSoftware works from your browser, so you can easily open it on your smarthphone, tablet or PC.

We design and adapt based on your particular need

We know that no company is the same. That’s why we mostly adapt or redesign products, to match companies needs. We love to work out a plan with you.

Customers reviews

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Adam Sendler
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Mike Stuart

You've read this and want to get in control of your waste with WSS. What now?

You’ve read this and think by yourself: “Yes, I’d love to be in control, be more sustainable and safe up in every aspect.” What now? Yes okay, you call or e-mail us, but what does a process from wish to productdesign usually look like? Read our step-plan and find out what to expect.

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