The Smart Waste DEF

Save in logistic costs

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is what our customers save in costs with the Smart Waste Filling level meter

Becoming more sustainable, seems like a big step for many companies and policy-makers. A big step, is best approached by breaking it into small reachable steps. So how do you that?

Here at WSS we always say: measure and manage. If you measure, you’ll know what’s going on. If you know what’s going on, you’ll be able to make an efficient policy accordingly. Working efficiently can make a huge difference for the environment. Not only you’ll save valuable materials and sources, you’ll also save money. Read more on how to make reachable steps, towards a cleaner future

Get advanced

The advanced level meter

The Smart Waste doesn't only measure the containers filling level, it also calculates and registers more valuable data about your waste.

Get insightful

Calculate & predict

The Smart Waste predicts how long it'll take until the maximum filling level is reached. This way you can operate and plan efficiently.

Save money

Grow money and trees

Because of the thorough analysis of the meter, you'll never use too much (man)power and energy.

No swamped containers anymore

Get to know your waste & container

That of course, is a little joke. However, the system does record a lot of different data about your wastecontainer. For instance, it registers how big it is, what kind of waste is stored, what kind of container it is and where its location is.

access your data from anywhere

The Smart Waste Filling Level Meter has a wireless connection to the server, by using GPRS, G4 or NB-IOT. This means you have access to information about your container at anytime and everywhere.

automatic route calculation

The Smart Waste can calculate how long it'll take before the container will be filled to its maximum. Also, with this information, the corresponding software's able to calculate the most efficient routes for your pick up trucks.

The system that doesn't extend your TO DO-list

Whether your a policy-maker or a business owner, with big business, comes big work. It’s understandable that making a step towards a sustainable policy feels like a lot of extra work to take on. This is something we at WSS like to take in account when designing our systems. 

Our systems have to make management easier, insightful, and a little more fun too. No one wants complicated interfaces, long installations or difficult technology. That’s why we like to develop easy-to-use systems for anyone.

Wireless connection with server

suitable for every wastecontainer

Sends sms-alerts

g2, g4, nb-iot and cat m transmission possible

The Smart Waste endures every weather

measures temperature

The Smart Waste Filling Level meter registers the filling level, the type of waste, the containertype, containersize and can measure temperature.

heavy weather resistant

Whether it's raining cats and dogs, or the sun's shining bright, for the Smart Waste Meter it doesn't make a difference. It's resistant to any type of weather.

Customers reviews

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We design and adapt based on your particular need

We know that no company is the same. That’s why we mostly adapt or redesign products, to match companies needs. We love to work out a plan with you.

You've read this and want to get in control of your waste with WSS. What now?

You’ve read this and think by yourself: “Yes, I’d love to be in control, be more sustainable and safe up in every aspect.” What now? Yes okay, you call or e-mail us, but what does a process from wish to productdesign usually look like? Read our step-plan and find out what to expect.

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