Worldwide there's produced more food than we need to feed every one on the entire world

And yet 1 in 9 people suffers from hunger. That’s 793 million people suffering from hunger. Needless to say, somethings going terribly wrong. Nowadays most countries are technologically very advanced, yet we’re still wasting too many resources. Recycling is not only environmentally benifical, but also financially. Yet, a lot of companies and boards haven’t made the step towards sustainability. It seems like the step towards sustainability is ‘too big’. That’s where WSS enters the circle.

Exact measurements

The RsVehicle measures fourwheel containers with great precision, in a splitsecond


RsVehicle is uncomplicated. The automatized dashboard computer is easy to operate and has a userfriendly interface,.

Respect for privacy

The datatransmission from the computer to the software where data is stored, is safe and secured

With RSVehicle unclarity or mixups with four wheel containers will be history. That's because of these elements:

RsVehicle has a technologically advanced scale wheely bins

The RsVehicle system consists of three connected elements: the dashboardcomputer, weighing-arm and a chip on the container. The chip registers userdata and the weighing arm weighs the weight of the container with utmost precision.

rsvehicle registers and tracks data

The containers and board computer are connected with a wireless chip. The computer detects and alerts the driver on any inaccuracies. All tracked data is send wirelessly from board computer to the RsOffice software. In RsOffice you can keep track and manage from everywhere .

let the board computer take action, manually or automatically

When a certain action is needed, the driver simply has to press a button on the dashboardscreen. If wished, there's also a manual mode for more specific actions.

Prevent unnecessary conflicts

Managing mini-containers of privates can have its challenges and come with occurring problems. For instance, you want to make sure that all individuals use a container of the same size, or that no container is emptied twice in one route. Occurring problems or mistakes can lead to unpleasant discussions or situations for the truckdriver. With RsVehicle these type of situations can be prevented and bring clarity instead.

easy system upgrades

The new WSS boardcomputer is based on the Windows 7 operating system. When necessary, the software can be easy upgraded to the newest operating systems.

The computer is actually pretty

It's great when things are useful, but it's also nice when something's a little easy on the eye. The 8-inch colored touchscreen makes it easy to follow to registrationprocess.

No sun too bright

Also, thanks to the high resolution of the screen, the driver will be able to read the screen clearly, even in the brightest of daylight.

Make black lists

If needed, specific containers can be put on a black list. When a black listed container is being recognized, a warning appears on the dashboard. This way the driver can act quick and efficiently.

You can also choose extra options for the system:

optional weighing system

The weighing system is optional. It's possible to connect a weighing system or even other types of sensors to the board computer.

Extra monitoring screens

Another option is to install extra screens on the back of the truck, so that collectors can keep track of registrations while doing their job.

The driver can oversee the whole process on his dashboard computer

Follow the movement from the container

Check the connectivity of the system

The RSVehicle system works through our built-in RFID technology, however...

We can built in other RFID tags

Even barcodes work

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Gain control over your wasteprocesses. Start today.

You’ve read this and think by yourself: “Yes, I’d love to be in control, be more sustainable and safe up in every aspect.” What now? You call us, tell us all your wishes and expectations, and we make a plan, customized to your needs. 

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