Smart Waste Platform

The Smart Waste system consists of a wireless ultrasonic
fill level monitoring sensor and a web oriented application.
The sensor can be used with all types of containers, regardless
of their capacity and waste type. Data from the sensor is
submitted to the server wirelessly (GPRS) and it is immediately
available for analysis via the software application.


WSS Asia presents CO2 Calculator

Hong Kong – Our CO2 calculator web application was officially
presented by WSS Asia in collaboration with the Green Council
on 10th august 2016. With our application, you can calculate
COemissions reduction
due to waste separation at the

A lot of companies separate waste on a large scale but fail to
realize that this results in a CO2 footprint reduction. Our
calculator shows how you can improve your CO2 footprint
and stimulate separation of waste on the work floor.

The first few companies have already shown interest to start
with a training.

For more information see CO2 calculator or phone Edmond
Choi at our Hong Kong office.


WSS at the RWM exhibition

This year WSS will be present at the RWM exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham from 12 to 14 September 2017. You can find our stand at 4C109, hall 4.

RWM is the leading community for the Waste, Energy, Recycling and Water sectors to network, learn and trade. With over 450 exhibitors and 11,000 visitors from the UK and international reach from retail, leisure, construction and demolition, manufacturing, and government organizations to name a few, RWM is the only place these markets can truly collaborate for building a more resource efficient future.

CO2 Calculator

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Since the industrial revolution CO2 emissions have been rapidly increasing. Now we have to deal with the resulting consequences like rising sea levels, natural disasters and extreme weather. Nevertheless, you can contribute to a solution by making your organization greener.

With our web based CO2 calculator tool you can specify the different types of waste separated within your organization. Next, a calculation is made to determine how much CO2 you would have created and the amount of CO2 reduction as a result of waste separation.

ISO 18000 chip for waste

uhf_rfid_mark_woven_-_non-woven_non-woven_label_tag_uhf_epc_c1g2_iso_18000-6c_1_The ISO 18000 is a new standard for RFID chips. Next to the existing Low Frequency ISO 11784/785 and the ISO 14443 for the 13Mc a new ISO 18000 working in the range of 900 Mhz is introduced. This is also called UHF (ultra-high frequency). The frequency differs a bit depending on the region. The advantage of the UHF chip is the long-range detection area.

Our WSS truck ident system is ready for the ISO18000 chip. This chip can be integrated in a sticker and the address can be printed on the sticker chip.