Policy statement

Policy statement

The management of WSS Infocard Systems B.V. states to deliver products and services that meet customer expectations in an economically responsible manner. Moreover, the objective of WSS Infocard Systems B.V. is to constantly improve the organization, quality of products, services and working environment, as well as to reduce and, when possible, reduce the burden on the environment.

The principles of WSS Infocard Systems B.V. are:

  • Safety, quality, care for working conditions and care for the environment are our main objectives at everything we do.
  • Our services and products won’t conflict with the law.
  • To remain competitive, we anticipate on increasing demands of our costumers.
  • The care for quality, working conditions and the environment is everyone’s responsibility in his or her field of work. Every employee will therefore be provided with the necessary knowledge and resources to cope with that responsibility.
  • The applicable legislation / regulations and permit requirements are a minimum guideline for the execution of work.

Company objectives with regard to SHE (Safety, Health and Environment):

  1. A continuous assessment of necessary actions and the associated risks.
  2. Apply working methods to exclude risks for own personnel and third parties as much possible.
  3. Motivate employees to strive for safety, order and clarity.
  4. Actively involving employees in measures that are necessary to increase safety through periodic discussion and the transfer of information on this subject.
  5. A proper planning of safety activities and reports containing results, accidents and safety weaknesses.
  6. Encourage employees to make a positive contribution to the implementation of the Safety, Health and Environmental aspects.
  7. Offering adapted work if the employee can not perform his normal work due to an industrial accident or illness.
  8. The Management strives for continuous improvement in the field of safety, health and environment.

To implement this policy and to achieve the set goals, we use a KAM-system based on the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, in which all objectives are clearly stated and elaborated.

All written recordings of the services and policy state the correct facts. Company data must be treated confidentially.

The above objectives are endorsed by the management and it goes without saying that conditions will be created to achieve the proper implementation of these objectives best possible.

We trust on support based on your commitment to quality, working conditions and the environment.

This policy statement is updated at least every 3 years.

Signed on 31 May 2019 in Amersfoort,

The Management,
A.P. van Alphen