Our solutions

We make wastemanagement easy, quick and simple

Ever since the digital revolution the wasteindustry grew so big that people lost track of what’s going on. WSS develops technologies that get you back in control. Our systems collect all the data you need for your wastemanagement. With our software you can see what’s happening and manage straightaway, from anywhere in the world.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe

Our products, systems and software

We combine different technologies to give you all the insights you need and can manage right away

RS Vehicle

Driving a truck and registrating wastebins without any effort. It's possible.

The Accello ID & Lock

The Accello is a selective lock that also tracks the where, when & what of all your wastecontainers

The Smart Waste Filling level Indicator

This isn't just a filling level meter. The Smarte Waste can help you reduce your CO2 footprint.


No technology without software. In RsOffice you'll find a clear, simple overview of all your data in the cloud.

The E-trap digital mousetrap

Did you know you can solve a miceplague digitally? Solve pests, the clean and digital way.


Thanks to our RFID technology you can see what's happening from any location and manage everywhere.

Getting in control of your waste made easy

Easy technology

  • Simple, userfriendly systems
  • The software makes all the information insightfull
  • Manage from anywhere in the world
  • No installation needed. You can start right away
  • Appropriate for smartphones, desktops and Ipads
  • IOT technology for waste separation
  • CO2 footprint reduction


  • Work efficiently
  • Stop wasting hours
  • Save petrol
  • Use less energy
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