RSVehicle: registration of wheely bins at the truck


Separating waste is important. Just as important is the distribution of this perfectly separated waste to the recycling centers.

Different countries and cities each might have their own systems to distribute waste to recycling centers. For instance, in some areas there might be one large waste container for all citizens in the neighborhood (if that is you, you might want to see our Barrow selective access system).

In other areas each citizen individually has a small waste container. Pickup trucks come and empty all these individual waste containers. Every citizen likes to be able to have their waste picked up. Pickup trucks are big, but can only take a certain amount of trash. That’s why the waste in the small containers has to conform to a maximum weight.

Does that mean that a garbage collector has to individually weigh every container? That’s a lot of work! Also, some scales are not really that accurate. A garbage collector can’t pick up too much waste, but also doesn’t want to disappoint a fellow citizen. That’s where our RSVehile comes in!


RSvehicle is software for the truck board computer that registers (mini-)containers during collection. The user interface provides the truckdriver with screen based information and alerts. That means: if a mini container is too heavy, the driver will be alerted on the screen.

Better yet, the system is fully automated and does not need to be operated manually. When an action from  the driver is required he can simply press a pictogram on the touchscreen, but typically there is no action required at all.

Of course we want our truck drivers to be safe. RSvehicle is designed not to be a distraction whilst driving through traffic. If a blacklisted container is loaded, the board computer gives an alert and shows on which loading side the event occurred. With this specific information, the driver can act fast and efficient.

Optionally, it’s possible to mount lightboxes on the rear side of the truck so the collectors can view and overrule the information whilst loading.

After storing the registration data, the data is wirelessly send from the board computer to the RSOffice integral control center. This way the collected data is made insightful and manageable.


To know whether this system might be for you, we have to talk about the more technical stuff too. Let me tell you more about the specs.

The operating system

The board computer on the truck is based on the Windows 7 operating system and has plenty of serial ports. Windows 7 is a practical development platform. The software can easily be upgraded when new board computers are introduced that are based on Windows 10. The software is developed on computers running the same operating system as the one that is used by the board computer.

The system can identify bins with either Barcode or RFID identification. Different RFID tags are accepted like LF or UHF (ISO 18000). Additionally it’s possible to connect a weighing system or other sensor to the board computer. If you have specific requests concerning the operating system, please reach out!

The board computer

Collecting garbage might be work, but it’s nice to have a little comfort while working. That’s why the color display has a 7 inch screen with QVGA resolution. The 7 inch color touchscreen makes it easy to follow the container registration process, so your workers can leave their magnifiers at home. The QVGA resolution makes the screen easy to read, even in brightest daylight.

The data transmission

People like a sustainable and clean environment. However they like their privacy too. That’s why we like to transmit all data with care. The transmission of registration data from the board to the RSOffice integral control center uses a secure protocol to fully protect the data. The data is accessible via the RSOffice internet web application. All the collected data can be exported to your container management package.


Managing the distribution of miniwaste containers can have its challenges. You want to know whether you picked up the right minicontainer or haven’t emptied the same minicontainer twice. Also, sometimes a certain container might be on the borderline of overweight. These type of situations can cause unpleasant discussions and situations for garbage collectors. With the RSvehicle these conflicts will be unnecessary and your garbage collector can focus on doing his work.

Also,  with the RSvehicle system the garbage collector exactly knows which containers to pick up. Routes can be planned more efficiently. This will save a lot of time.

Most importantly, looking at the bigger picture: by separating waste, we’re able to recycle at the source efficiently. Recycling materials will cause CO2 footprint reduction.