The Accello

Gain insight into the use of your container with the Accello System

The keycard allows selective access to the container

Users of the container each get an Accello Keycard. With this keycard, the Accello System can identify the user, and open the lock accordingly. Without a card the container stays locked.

in the software you'll find the registered data in clear overview

The Accello System registers which user, when and how frequent opens the Accello lock. Furthermore, it registers information about the waste and container itself. These data are send wirelessly to the software, where you can find all information.

Work towards a better way of recycling

Because of the selective access system the materials inside the container are protected. A better quality of waste, enables a better quality of recycled materials

Manage and operate from anywhere in the world

With the corresponding CMS software, you can track, trace and manage from anywhere in the world, on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Save in costs and gas

To measure is to manage. By your newly acquired insights, new efficient routes kan be calculated. This means less use of gas and money.

What else is neat about Accello?

you can Open and lock the system from anywhere

With the corresponding software, you can open and lock the system manually, from everywhere.

the lock fits on every type of container

The Accello fits on every type of wastecontainer, whether it's above, semi-underground or an underground container.

no waste will spread around the container because of pests or weather

Without the keycard, the wastecontainer stays locked. This way the materials stay neatly inside the container, save for pests or heavy wind.

the system can endure heavy weather

In the Netherlands we sure know about heavy rainfall. The Accello lock is made from robust materials, that can endure extreme weather circumstances.

Build with sustainable technology

recharges on solar energy

The system works on solar energy. This makes the Accello CO2 neutral and also causes the system to have a lifespan of 5 years.

low use of electric current

The Accello is designed so it's extremely low in usage of energy. Also, the system can be returned or upgraded with new electronics that extend the lifecycle of the system.

Can save up to 200.000 users

This also makes the Accello efficient, thus waste-friendly. The system is connected to each card-user. Every card is paired with the necessary user-data.

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